Unlocking the Healing Power of Castor Oil Packs

In this episode, we discuss the science behind castor oil therapy, its applications for digestive and menstrual health, how it supports hormonal balance, practical tips for getting started with castor oil packs, how to maximize the therapeutic benefits of this practice, and more.


The MTHFR Gene & Women’s Health

In this episode, Ricardo and I talk about the basics of the MTHFR gene and its crucial role in the body, how the methylation process works, nutrients needed for effective methylation, different types of MTHFR gene mutations, how MTHFR gene mutations can impact fertility, anxiety, detoxification, and even conditions like autism, and so much more.


Navigating Grief and Loss in a Heartbreak-Illiterate World

In this episode, Sara and I talk about her profound insights on navigating heartbreak, the need to expand the heartbreak conversation, the cascading losses that often accompany individual heartbreaks, common roadblocks on the healing journey, the importance of seeking support, practices for healing, and so much more.


Bloody Brilliant Business

In this episode, we talk about Stasha’s passion for reconnecting individuals with the power of their cycles, the critical role of period coaches in filling the gaps in menstrual care, how we can align our work and productivity with our menstrual cycles, Stasha’s upcoming book, “Bloody Brilliant Business,” which promises to transform the way we approach business and entrepreneurship, and more. Get ready for an empowering and insightful discussion that challenges the status quo and celebrates the innate wisdom of our bodies.


Is This Normal

Throughout our conversation, we explore some of the fundamental questions about female anatomy and libido that often go unanswered. From understanding the difference between the vagina and the vulva to debunking common myths about masturbation and orgasms, Dr. Brighten sheds light on topics that are crucial for every woman’s health and well-being.

We dig deep into sex drive, what’s normal and what’s not, why some women have higher sex drives than others, whether women just generally have a lower sex drive than men, how our cycles affect our sex drives, and how we can improve low libido. Enjoy the episode!


How to Eat to Change How You Drink

In this episode, Dr. Brooke and I talk about her book “How to Eat to Change How You Drink,” misconceptions around moderate drinking, the four drinking archetypes, her journey to stopping drinking, the need for individualized support, the impact of alcohol on gut health and neurotransmitters, nutritional strategies when cutting back on alcohol, and more. Enjoy the episode!


Beyond Bouncing Back: Redefining Postpartum Health

In this episode, we discuss the hormonal changes women face after childbirth, the duration of the postpartum period, the importance of nutrition for recovery, Alison’s experience with postpartum challenges, the role of supplements, how to manage the overlap between postpartum and perimenopause, the importance of addressing hormonal imbalances and nutrient deficiencies for overall well-being, and more.


Why Everyone Needs to Care About Endometriosis

In this conversation, we discuss the pervasive myths surrounding endometriosis, why it’s crucial for everyone to care about this condition, the societal consequences of neglecting it, Mimi’s journey of discovering alternative treatments for period pain, the profound impact that alternative approaches have on endometriosis and overall health, and so much more.

PODCAST WITH Vashti Kanahele

Navigating War Zones and Wellness

In this episode, Vashti takes us deep into her experiences in Iraq during the mid-2000s and her journey through her diagnoses of Lyme, EBV, and Hashimoto’s, leading her to a career change and an embrace of functional medicine. We talked about the stress of living in a war zone, the importance of community, stress management, and mental health care, how her experiences shaped her approach to wellness and her work, and so much more. Her experiences shape a holistic approach to wellness, inspiring us all to seek the root causes of our health struggles.

PODCAST WITH Dr. Ellen Cutler

Understanding How Different Enzymes Impact Your Body

In this episode, Ellen and I talk about what enzymes are and why they’re essential to your health, practical tips for finding enzymes in the foods you eat, the best foods for our bellies, the best approach for someone wanting to incorporate Ellen’s methodology into their routine, and so much more!

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